1. Microporous nonwoven fabric
  2. High quality heating bag
  3. Herbal package (Customized Available)
  4. Soft skin layer


Care Your Waist and Belly Before and After Birth

The product can help to care your waist and belly during your whole pregnancy, also after the birth

Promote circulation, relieve soreness and discomfort during pregnancy
Keep warm uterus, relieve contractions after birth and belly discomfort
Enhance the effect of stretch mark cream, soothes fine lines in the belly


Advanced Heating Technology, Temperature can Rise in 30 seconds

In the past 20 years, the formula has been continuously optimized, we use unique Quick TempTM heating technology to make the product response safety, heating instantly to give users comfortable experience.


More than 6 Hours Long Lasting Heating Time

The warm steam generated by the heating pack is gently and rich, which can give long-lasting moisture and care to your waist and belly, you can enjoy the hot compress for more than 6 hours. It can also be controlled by the unique VariaTemp™ heating agent control technology, the heating time can be extended up to 12 hours at the most. (Remarks: adjust heat lasting time will cause changes on response time and weight, please call us to know further information)


42°C Long-lasting Constant Temperature Care

After repeated tests and studies, we selected 42°C as the product’s initial temperature, which can ensure the comfortable feeling and continuously provide sufficient heat. (To make sure safe during product use, we may adjust product’s temperature if you require different heat lasting time, please call us for further information)


Humanized Design

Enclosing Style

The design of the four temperature zones is more fit the the waist and abdomen lines, aiming at the Shenque, Qihai, Guanyuan acupoints on the abdomen and several important points on the waist, such as Mingmen, Yaoyan, Yangguan, etc., to achieve full coverage for the waist and abdomen. Provide more efficient warm care and hot compress.

360° Surrounding Elasticity Style

This style can fit to all body types and easy to wear, it can give your waist and belly fully cover and immersive hot compress experience.

Arc Velcro Style

It suite for a wide range of waist size, no tightness. It can avoid skin irritation and hair tearing with traditional adhesives.

Single Piece Packaged

Hygienic and portable, ready to sue in any time, it is your good maintenance partner of your pregnancy.


More combinations with medical makeup

More application scenarios are waiting for your developing





How to Use

Take out the product and unfold the elastic belt

Apply the white skin friendly surface to the waist or abdomen

Wrap the elastic band around the waist and fix it with Velcro

Adjust the tightness and enjoy long-term relaxation