1. Microporous non-woven fabric
  2. High-quality heating pack
  3. Herbal package (Customized Available)
  4. Soft skin-friendly layer


Enjoy your eyes' SPA anytime and anywhere, fits to most people

More application scenarios are waiting for your developing

Over use of eyes, relieve daily eye fatigue
Enhance the effect of eye cream, smooth fine lines and diminish dark circles
Vision care


Advanced heating technology, temperature can rise in 10 seconds

In the past 20 years, the formula has been continuously optimized, we use unique Quick TempTM heating technology to make the product response safety ,heating instantly, to give users comfortable experience.


30-90 minutes adjusting heating time

The warm steam generated by the heating pack is gentle and rich, which can give long-lasting moisture and care to you eyes, you can enjoy the hot compress for more than 30 minutes.
It can also be controlled by the unique Varia TempTM heating agent control technology. The heating time can be extended up to 90 minutes.


40°C long-lasting constant temperature care

The skin around eyes is delicate. After repeated tests and studies, we selected 40°C as the product's temperature, which can ensure the comfortable feeling and continuously provide sufficient heat.


Humanized design

Curved three-dimensional tailoring

Deep and shallow incisions are cut to fit the eye curve better, the product is light and will not press the bridge of the nose, making it more comfortable to use.

Elastic ear hooks

The stretch cloth has enough elasticity, easy to stretch, and can be suitable for all kinds of face shapes.

Skin-friendly non-woven fabric

High air permeability, comfortable to wear and it is not stuffy.

Single piece packaged

Hygienic and portable, ready to use in any time, it is your good partner of daily maintenance.


How to use

Tear off the ear hooks, the deep side of the incision is facing down

Attach the white warm surface to the eyes' area to adjust the ear hooks to fix it

Now you can enjoy the relaxation for more than 30 minutes