How to Prevent

Update time : 2019-08-23 10:00:00

Although the hottest time "San Fu" have passed, the current temperature is not lower than the "San Fu", and there are even signs of exceeding. We have to thank one of the greatest inventions of mankind - air condition , with which we can live well in such an extreme climate.

Almost every household has air condition, no mention the office. It also includes a variety of public transports and private cars, and people spend almost 90% of their time in an air-conditioned environment. Although the air air condition is very good in heatstroke prevention, it has been found that the so-called "air condition disease" is also increasing. Yes, if the air conditioner is not used correctly, it is easy to cause disease.

How to Prevent

Air conditioning disease typical 1. cold easily lead to dysmenorrhea, female nature is afraid of cold, physical constitution is yin, if you have been in the air-conditioned room too long, it will let the uterus suffer from cold, the body's blood stasis is not smooth, easy to cause dysmenorrhea.

2. It is not good for cervical vertebrae and other joints. Usually in summer, we basically wear short-sleeved shorts, our knees, shoulder joints, etc. are directly exposed to cold air. In this state, long-term in the air-conditioned environment, it is easy to cause joint and muscle pain, and even more likely to cause arthritis and cervical spondylosis. , shoulder and shoulder inflammation.

3. easy to cause respiratory diseases. In order to quickly achieve the cooling effect and keep it cool, the rooms using the air conditioner are in a relatively closed state. Air circulation is greatly reduced, and the cleanliness of the air is greatly reduced with the use of air conditioners. If there is a respiratory disease in this environment, the user will greatly increase the probability of infection, and the air will be aggravated by the increase of airway air conditioning after air conditioning. Symptoms of respiratory disease.

4. easy to cause dizziness, headache, open air conditioning needs room airtight, confined space will lead to air circulation, air quality will be worse, oxygen content will also be reduced, the brain will be dizzy, headache, etc. due to lack of oxygen, easy The efficiency of mind, work and study will also be low.

So how can we deal with these air-conditioning diseases?

How to Prevent
1. The temperature of air condition should not be too low. 26 °C is the best point. It is best to open the door and window for ventilation for 3-4 hours.

2.when blowing air conditioning, you can use a small shawl or thin blanket to cover the joints.

3. women should keep warm in the air-conditioned room, drink hot water to avoid cold.

4. For those who work or study in the air-conditioned room for a long time, it is best to leave the air-conditioned environment every half an hour or forty minutes to breathe fresh air, which is good for the body's cold and let the blood circulation more circulate.