How to warm up in order to effectively avoid sports injuries

Update time : 2017-04-21 10:00:00

How to warm up in order to effectively avoid sports injuries

We all know that the warm-up before the exercise is effective way to avoid sports injury, but not to say that only some footsteps can be called warm-up, there are some secrets, let us take a look at it:

1. Activate muscle + excitement + mobilize cardiopulmonary function = effective warm-up
The purpose of warm-up is to: activate the muscles, excitement, to mobilize the role of heart and lung. The better the warm-up is done, the faster you can enter the state of sports, the better the body feels when exercising.
So what exactly is the best warm-up effect?
Should be fully combined with the movement of special action, from low to gradually transition to high strength. Combined with the movement refers to the warm-up action should be as much as possible to simulate the movement of the limbs will be the action, which will help the body quickly adapt to the movement of the action mode, direct activation of the nervous system and motor system; warm-up action should be gradually transition from low intensity to medium- , It is sufficient time to give the cardiopulmonary system to overcome the inertia, enhance the function. With the activation of the three major systems mobilization, movement naturally relaxed and happy.
How to warm up in order to effectively avoid sports injuries
2. How to do effective warm up?
The core of the warm-up exercise is to let the body enter a ready state before the high-intensity sports, just like the car need a warm up before going, in order to allow the body to enter better state and to avoid injury.
Core muscle stretching
consider to the core of the muscle stretching, to take into account the movement is about to use the core muscles, warm up when the mobilization of the activity of these muscles, of course, through some simple pressure legs and other stretching action to achieve results.  Warm-up time should not be too long, otherwise it will reduce the strength of the muscles.
Fully mobilize heart and lung function

Stretching the core muscle group we can do some of the strength of the small step run, high leg lift and other sports, so you can fully mobilize our heart and lung, the heart rate of 120 times or more. So that it will be better to make our body fully prepared, and then to exercise and other sports.

Reasonable warm-up exercise is to achieve the activation of muscle, excited nerves, to mobilize the role of heart and lung. Can see the need for effective warm-up. It is noteworthy that the warm-up exercise time should not be too long, generally not more than 10 minutes when you feel slightly sweat as the boundary. So remember do warm up exercise before no matter what exercise you will do. (Graphic reference network)