Those Poses Will Hurt Your Bone

Update time : 2017-02-03 10:00:00

Those Poses Will Hurt Your Bone

If we take our body like a building, then our bones are the steel frames. The health of the bones are bares directly our body strong or not. There are many poses will hurt our bones, make the bones ageing, then not only 

make body out of shape but also cause health problems.   

Researchs show that, there is not any force on knees when people lay on back, 1~2 times of force when walking or standing, 4 times when running, but the force will up to 8 times when Squating or kneeling. 

Females take more persentage in suffering arthritis on knees from clinical data, that's because females need squating much more than males, such as washing cloths, picking food, clean floor and so on.

Experts advise do not squat more than 20 mintues, especially for the olds and fats to reduce the force on knees.

2.Use shoulder bag
Use shoulder bag for a long time will cause shoulder ache, even not in a level, that's because people will keep one shoulder up to avoid the bag dropping, and it may cause lateral curvature, especially the students

who's bones are in the growing period.

Experts advise backbag is much better than shoulder bag for students, audlts who like shoulder bags should use both shoulders alternately, use backbag if need to go a long journey.

3.Stay on sofa

It is a relaxing way to watch TV or play phone on sofa, but our bones are suffering when we do so.  vetebra lacks support when we are in semireclining position, force on lumbar and neck  become much bigger than normal,

if we keep doing this for a period, our neck and lumbar will become unhealthy, also cause muscle strain.

Experts advise we should keep upper body stright and sit in the center of the chair, do not let your lumbar and neck take so much force, you can use some pillows to reduce the force on it.

4.Bow to play phone

Smart phone is so pouple now,  it is so important to us almost like air, when we bow to play it, all weight of head will come to neck, and shoulders stay in tense state, we will get  Cervical problems, shoulders problems after a period,

also those people who need to use computers in a long time. 
Experts advise try your best to keep your phone level to your sight, and do not bow more than 15 minutes, keep your head straight, stand and do some relax exercise after 1 hour to keep healthy.

5.Naping on desk
Many people like to nap on desk, this habit may cause cervical problems, especially those who got pain on neck or back.

Experts advise lay on back is the best way to rest, or you can put a pillow behind your back to take a nap is better than naping on desk.

6.Stand at ease

This pose will not only affact your image, but also cause health problems. People like put theri weight to one leg to relax,  but if keep this pose too long will cause back ache and muscle strain.

Experts advise stand stright is the best pose, and let your both legs to take your weight.

7.Cross legs

This pose feels quite comfortable but really not good. It cause much burden to hip joint so that cause back pain and lateral curvature.

Experts advise if you can not remove this habit please do remember do not cross your leg moe than 10 minitues everytime.


There are still many poses will affact our health, but don't worry, just keep remember that Rome wasn't build in a day, so if you feel uncomfortable please go to your doctor to ask advise, and one more thing important,

form good habits is the best way to keep fit.