1. Microporous non-woven fabric
  2. Special design heating pack for children
  3. Herbal package(Customized available)
  4. TDP technology heating layer
  5. Ultra-low sensitive silicone gel


Enjoy warm moxibustion anytime and anywhere

It provides warm care for four seasons, you can be protected by TDP warm moxibustion at any time

Children indigestion and diarrhea
Children cough and cold
Strengthen Children immunity


Advanced heating technology, temperature can rise in 10 seconds

In the past 20 years, the formula has been continuously optimized, we use unique Quick TempTM heating technology to make the product response safety ,heating instantly, to give users comfortable experience.


2-4 hours long lasting heating

The warm steam generated by the heating pack is gentle, which can give TDP layer energy for more than 2 hours.
It can also be controlled by the unique Varia TempTM heating agent control technology. The heating time can be extended up to 4 hours.


TDP coating technology is used

TDP, which the full name is specific electromagnetic wave, it is a mature medical technology in China that has been applied in a purely physical way for decades. Our company has developed a TDP coating process, which can be used with all kinds of heat-generating plasters to enhance the effect. The main function of TDP is to strengthen blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve micro-circulation, accelerate the excretion of inflammatory substances from body, and improve the body's immunity.


39°C long-lasting constant temperature care

The children skin is delicate and the safety is the most important thing. After repeated tests and studies, we selected 39°C as the product’s temperature, which can ensure the comfortable feeling and continuously provide sufficient heat.


Humanized design

Improve acupoints energy absorbing

Especially design for important acupoints of children's massage, also can improve the effect by adding drugs or essential oils. It provides a better experience of hot compress and moxibustion for children.

Full covering design

The flower patterns design is according to children's psychology. The tailoring size matches the acupoints and the acupoints is fully covered, to make the product heating lasts longer and wears more firmly.

Ultra-low sensitive silicone gel

Suitable for children's delicate skin, ultra-hypoallergenic, easy to tear, and can adjust the place of pasting multiple times.

Single piece packaged

Hygienic and portable, ready to use in any time, it is children’s good partner of daily maintenance.


Suitable for all acupuncture points on the body, as needed

It is suitable for all kinds of medicines or essential oils. More application acupoints and corresponding effects are waiting for your wisdom to open…

Dazhui Point

Shenque Point

Yongquan Point


How to use

Tear the package

Take out the plaster

Tear off the release paper

Put the plaster on acupoints